Method Patents Maze Continues After US Supreme Court’s Ruling


US Supreme Court’s 9-0 Ruling Continues Maze on Method Patents for US Creative Community, Inventors and Businesses.

July 30, 2010 —  Winston & Strawn LLP’s Appellate firm-wide chair, Gene Schaerr is available for further comment on the firm’s SCOTUS case:   Bilski v. Kapos 08-964.

“The US Supreme Court’s method patent decision appears to simply restore the status quo as it existed before the Federal Circuit’s recent, “machine-or-transformation” decisions.  Given the absence of consensus on an alternative approach, I predict SCOTUS will let the Federal Circuit take another crack at this important US business issue before it weighs in again,” Schaerr said.

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Gene Schaerr:  202.361.1061

Winston & Strawn Client Briefing on Method Patent:

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