U.S. House & Senate Maritime Bills Will Impact All Maritime Commerce

Editor’s Advisory:
September 21, 2010
Winston & Strawn Washington, DC
Contact: Pamela Whitney 202.747.4440

Major Maritime Reform Efforts Moving Through Congress Impact All Maritime Commerce

Attached is a media briefing of the House and Senate legislation moving through the U.S. Congress as a result of the DEEPWATER HORIZON incident.

What few have failed to realize is that if this legislation becomes law, it will have a broad reaching impact on ALL MARITIME COMMERCE.  Charlie Papavizas is considered one of the industry’s leading experts on maritime law and has a twenty-five year maritime legal practice in Washington, DC.  Currently he is a partner  in Winston & Strawn’s Washington, DC office — bio attached.

Charlie’s briefing focuses on the legislation’s impact beyond drilling operations, such as proposed changes to the Shipowners’ Limitation of Liability Act and efforts to “Americanize” the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The changes being considered in these potential laws  — that go well beyond dealing with a future DEEPWATER HORIZON-type incident —  address The Clear Act and the OPA 90 Liability Cap and are summarized in three general categories:

1.  Pollution Liability
2.  General Liability
3.  Regulatory Changes

Media Review attachment:

Click to access MaritimeReReformBills.pdf

Pamela Whitney 202.747.4440 or Charlie Papavizas 202.282.5732 direct line

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